Sunday, March 5, 2017

This single life

People are going gaga over this piece from a dying woman about how someone out there may want to marry her husband once she's dead.

I expect she means well but why does he have to be married to anyone else? What's wrong with being a widow/widower/divorcee/an ex?

I bumped into someone yesterday who I hadn't seen for a few years. Turns out she is divorced and was alone for eight months before she found a new man. "You have to move on," she told me.

Yep, you do, and I have happily moved on to the single life and have no wish to share domestic duties with anyone.

Maybe I'm the strange one, but I had lunch last year with a long-time friend who is a few months younger than me. After being married and divorced and a couple of attempts at relationships, she's decided being single suits her just fine.

Another friend who is divorced says she wants to be neither a nurse or a purse.

I love men, some of my closest friends are men, I have a father, three brothers and a son. I hope everyone with a partner is happy or at least content. There are plenty of us who are single and happy.

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