Friday, March 10, 2017

The week

The weeks go by so quickly. With five days of art and seven days of life, another week has gone.

In art we are working on major projects and I've spent two days painting/drawing experimental sky works. My major drawing work has evolved beyond my expectations or plans, from an original idea involving Lake Burley Griffin. Last year I walked the Bridge to Bridge around part of the lake many, many times and took photographs, so there is much material on which to draw (so to speak).

Yesterday I drew in ink and watercolours, sky studies. Today I was cutting those studies up to use as pieces in a collage when my teacher suggested we scan one image and do some magic on Photoshop.

The best thing about this art course is that our subjects are called (Art) Investigation and we are allowed to experiment and "play".

So much has happened outside school this week. The beautiful husband of one of my most gorgeous friends has died, after a short but terrible illness. Today I learned off the death of a former colleague.
Two of my brothers stayed last night. The young people in my life are making grand plans for their futures. It is a joy and privilege to be in the lives of all these people.

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