Thursday, February 16, 2017

The new routine

Exercise in inks

Settling in to the new routine after two weeks and one of the joys is not having the time or inclination to follow what is happening hour by hour in politics, Australian or Trumpian.

What a load of bollocks it all is. I've just watched Julie Bishop being interviewed by David Speers. I love Speersy but Bishop advocating for the re-election of the WA Barnett Govt left me cold. I didn't hear one good argument. Then she said something about getting the budget out of deficit and living within our means and I realised she has no idea about the people who have no job and no Centrelink entitlements and no housing security and Federal politicians are being paid a minimum of about $200K a year ... and need I go on?

I'm loving my art studies but there isn't enough money for new brushes or new batteries for the clocks in the classrooms.

There's a lovely mix of students from school leavers to escapees from horror career conditions to mature folk trying to set themselves up for a new life and career. The teachers are so supportive and it is a luxury to do art five days a week. No wonder I had to go through all that shit in recent years ... now is the time for the reward.

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