Saturday, February 11, 2017

The heat, the unrelenting heat

Funny how the heat warps your brain and your body. We're all carrying on as if it has never been hot before, but it has.

This summer has been particularly hot, mostly because the past two summers were wet and mild, so we are noticing the heat.

Four years and a month ago when we moved house, it was 38 degrees. In the first summer after we moved from Sydney (2003), Canberra experienced terrible bushfires. Then we moved to Murrumbateman and lived through seven years of drought. We would cool off with a swim at a friend's pool or the beautiful Yass Olympic Pool and after a few years we installed aircon so we could at least have the lounge room to chill in.

Today and yesterday it was 41. Too hot for normal activity, but you can get by if you sit still with your feet in a bucket of cold water and/or a wet scarf around your neck.

It would be fancy to have air-conditioning but this house is split over four levels and I have no idea how to cool it, apart from using blinds and fans.

So Puss and I are outside, the garden has been watered about six times to help cool us and it, and I've had a beer and a delicious apple cider, so at least I'm keeping up the fluids.

In other fun news, there is a full moon tonight. Hahahahahahaha

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