Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday drive

Went for a Sunday drive today. Remember when that was a thing? You got in the car and went for a drive, with no real destination in mind.

We chose to head south and would have motored further than Bredbo except we saw the sign "Crepes and Pancakes". So there was driving and afternoon tea. An excellent adventure.

More Downton tonight. We've managed to watch two seasons in a week. This reminds me of the days of binge watching Melrose Place when I had to review the program for The Guide and we would get a video tape of four or five episodes. I had soooooo many friends in the newsroom in those days. Haha, good times.

Now, of course, everything is available on whatever streaming service you subscribe to or wherever you get your internet fix. I'm one of the old-fashioned ones who will pay for stuff over the internet. People need to earn a living and with the number of jobs declining rapidly, every little bit helps.

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