Sunday, February 5, 2017

Paint a wall

I painted a wall this morning. Two walls. The walls that held the built-in desks which were ripped out last week, leaving an enormous gaping hole that should not have been there. The Handyman and I were surprised to see the hole that someone had obviously cut into the wall but he did quite an amazing job filling it and all the other bits where the desks had been attached.

I offered to paint the wall and so I have and it needs another coat and then it's good to go.

The walls are a really boring colour and the whole interior is painted the same colour. Doesn't matter because my furniture and paintings add the colour. Too much really.

The kitchen is the next room for reinvention. With the floating shelves gone, there is so much more space. I've mastered the Tradies' Bog and have filled in the holes from the floating shelves (the Dodgy Brothers did all the work on this place before I bought it). A bit of tidying up, sanding, priming and painting and that will be done.

Today was another scorcher. Apparently next Saturday it will be 41 ...

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