Monday, January 16, 2017

Rice paper rolls and other adventures

Today I deposited seven large bags of clothing, scarves and handbags to my local Anglicare shop. I took to the wardrobe with a vengeance, cleared the clothes pegs near the front door and scooped up all the clothes Miss B had culled.

Minimalism and me have not been friends, or even neighbours, but recently there has been an overwhelming urge to declutter, remove stuff, have spare space.

Why do we hold on to things that are no longer needed, clothes that are no longer worn? I haven't been a big shopper in recent years but I have still managed to own too much stuff. There's some pretty good items amongst what we donated so I hope whoever buys it gets a bargain and enjoys their find.

The summer is hot and the flies are numerous. I do not like an inland summer. It has nothing to do with climate change, it has to do with growing up on the coast. I've never adjusted to the inland heat or cold. Funny how our bodies are programmed.

In view of the 33.9 C temperature at present, we had rice paper rolls tonight, with prawns, cucumber, carrot, rice noodles and hoisin sauce. So easy to prepare and no cooking required.

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