Thursday, January 26, 2017


Happy Straya Day Mate. It would be unAustralian not to drink this beer, so I'm drinking it. Hopefully it will reduce my core temperature a few degrees.

I have mixed feelings about Australia Day. It was never "celebrated" when I was a youngster and the date changed so that the "day" fell on the Monday allowing for a public holiday. The Bicentennial fervour in 1988 sparked something and before we knew it, supermarkets were selling cheap "Aussie" merch and everyone was expected to wrap themselves in a Lamington cape and have a barbie.

It marks the day the First Fleet set foot on this land. It marked the start of the brutalisation of the Indigenous people and it's no wonder there are calls for "Australia Day" to be celebrated on any other day but this one.

My Grandmother spoke of her ancestors who arrived on the First and Third Fleets and I really must do some research and find out about them. She never said much because in her lifetime it was not cool to have had convict ancestors. Now, of course, it's great, mate.

Lucky I didn't need to have anyone around me today because I've been at home all day, sorting out my fabric stash. For those of you who do not quilt, a fabric stash is a most important requirement. There are a few rules. You may use any or all of your stash, but you must keep adding to it.

Mine was stored in plastic boxes and I'm sick of the sight of them, so I've sorted by colour and placed them all in "project bags". The reconfiguration of the house is continuing but it is so damned hot, I've stopped for today.

Old Mate, in case you are wondering, is the name we give everyone who is a dickhead. It's nicer than calling people "dickhead". The beer, Old Mate, is made by Moon Dog Craft Brewery and is a delicious Pale Ale, so the brewers obviously have a different interpretation of "Old Mate" than this family.

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