Friday, January 27, 2017

It's so hot, I blame Trump

This summer has been too hot. It's over 30 degrees every day and this weekend we're going for gold with 36 tomorrow and I think 39 on Monday.

I've been at home in front of a fan for most of the week but I had some chores to attend to today. Amazing how much running around you have to do for two teenagers when they are not even home.

I also took the opportunity to get a few items of clothing on sale. Buying clothes is incredibly difficult. Everything is made for short people. I suppose it saves on the cost of fabric.

I succumbed last week and bought a pant that is about 3/4 length. I've always thought it looks as though my clothes shrank, but these are nice and I wore them today.

I felt sick when I got home. It could have been a case of Trumpitis but I lay down under a fan and felt better after a while. It's the heat. It's unrelenting.

Oh for a house near a beach and a southerly most afternoons.

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