Thursday, January 5, 2017

Fruit loops

Went to the fruit shop today to buy a new charger for the laptop. $129.00 and please don't mind waiting while the two sales staff faff about with people's new phones, attaching screen protectors and generally taking up time. Oh they'll be with you when they can.

No, sorry, I had what I wanted and needed to pay and go and get on with the rest of my life for today and forever after.

I had a bit of a rant at two staff to say I was there with the item I needed and needed to pay for it. The trouble with fruit computers is that you cannot buy parts anywhere else so you have no choice but to stand there like a shag on a rock, waiting, waiting, waiting for Godot or at least someone with half an idea about "customer service". They told me they were "so busy" ...

The Australian Government is having a bit of a lesson about customer service as it sends "debt letters, not debt letters" from Centrelink to its customers, demanding the repayment of, in some instances, many thousands of dollars.

Thanks to changed employment circumstances in more recent times I have been advised by a few people to contact Centrelink. When I read the onerous rules and the huge hoops that people have to jump through I wonder how anyone plugged into this regime can remain sane and haven't gone near it.

Obviously this latest clawback of "overpaid" funds is likely to drive people to despair as CL is advising people to call Lifeline.

Yeah, well that will work when Lifeline cannot answer all the calls it receives. Watching this debacle play out on Twitter makes me wonder if anyone in the Federal Government has any real clue about how ordinary Australians live. It appears not, especially when Ministers earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per year go to the media and say everything is ticketyboo. Heaven help us.

Maybe we should all move to NZ where this gem of a statement from one MP about another (an Australian Senator) arose today: "I read his press release yesterday and I suspected the guy was a bit simple and listening to that interview then, I think that has confirmed it," he said.
"He's a climate-change conspiracies' theorist; he's a racist and probably the saddest thing about his entry into Australia politics, spending so much time in Canberra, is he has denied a village somewhere in Australia of its idiot."

There's an outbreak of that at the present moment.

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