Sunday, January 8, 2017

De Nile is a river in Egypt

Many years ago my mother saw a marble table in a shop during one of our visits to Sydney from our home on the North Coast of NSW. We were staying with her mother, who was the most judgemental mother in the history of time. My mother loved that table and wanted to buy it, but she didn't. She went back to her parents' house and told her mother about the table and how much she loved it, and her mother gave her every reason in the world not to buy it. We even went back to the shop a few days later but again her mother did everything she could to stop the purchase.

I always remember that. I was really young, younger than 10. My mother was upset about that incident for years. When her mother died many years later I asked her how she felt. "Relieved," was her response. (The table was one of many, many reasons).

At that moment I thought to myself that if I ever had children I didn't want that to be their response to my death. I want them to be able to say something like: she may have been a bit mad but we had a great time. And that is coming along nicely.

Then today I had a mother moment when I saw a handbag I really liked. I need a new handbag and have been looking for months and months. I've had a few interim cheapies over the years and a real/fake "brand name" and they are crap. But today I went past Oroton and they had a sale and it was 20% off the sale price ... and the bag I bought was 70% off its original price.

I've bought many handbags in my life but only three times have I bought quality (plus the beautiful leather briefcase I bought myself after my mother died).

Then when I got home I saw this on FB:

I'm not normally a big fan of positive affirmations made for the masses but I've been so bloody serious for so bloody long that today I appreciated the sentiment and I'm glad I bought the handbag. It's going to carry my essential stuff through what is going to be an extraordinary year.

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