Saturday, January 7, 2017

Anti-vampire strategy

One of the joys of living in #CBR is leaving town, if only for a few hours as I did today.

I had to pick up Miss B from her seaside sojourn and on the way home we called in to the lovely town of Exeter.

I had no idea Exeter had markets until about 10 minutes before I left home today but had a feeling it did and Dr Google confirmed that they were on today. Great to use my psychic powers for shopping convenience ...

The Exeter market was quite the place to be with its selection of fresh food and produce, plants, home goods, bric-a-brac and clothing.

We got a thyme plant to replace the one that has mysteriously withered when all other herbs around it have sprung back to life some homemade pepperoni, some seriously groovy trousers, a necklace and a cupcake, but best of all: half a kilogram of homegrown garlic. Oh my goodness I love fresh garlic, for cooking and to keep the vampires away. There have been more than enough vampires in recent years ...

It is so hard to find fresh garlic around here and I refuse to buy imported garlic (or any imported food) but now I have half a kilogram plus an extra bulb for which I paid $15. I didn't ask the lovely men (father and son?) selling the garlic their names as I'm in a bit of hermit-mode at present and not telling my life story to everyone, nor asking them theirs, but I know where they live and they told me all the markets where they sell and I can get some much closer to home when this is all used.

I love markets. I enjoy meeting the makers and the growers and supporting people in their home businesses. It may be convenient to shop at large stores or online but we need human interaction and people need an income. And the planet needs saving, one garlic plant at a time.

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