Saturday, January 28, 2017

All by myself

The youngest teenager has been at the beach for the past few nights and the oldest teenager is back at work so it's me and the cat at home.

I don't mind spending time by myself, I've been doing a fair bit of it lately. But in the interests of human interaction I thought it best if I left the premises today and went to the mart of the 11th letter and bought some stuff. At least I could have an inane conversation with the checkout person about the weather.

But no. There is no checkout person. The store is entirely "self serve". On this same outing I filled up the car with petrol and the only exchange with the checkout person was to confirm the number of the bowser I had used.

What has happened to us? All the jobs that used to exist have been automated, we have to do the tasks ourselves and there is no or little human interaction.

Australia has some real social problems developing yet we have senior politicians telling people to move to the regions if they want to buy a house. I grew up in the regions and they are farked for services and employment opportunities. I live in Australia's capital city and it's farked for anyone over 50 looking for a job. Trust me.

I saw on Twitter today that there were still tickets to the Women's Final at the Australian Open which is currently being  played  dragged out on the telly. The international tennis press wondered why there were still tickets available on the afternoon of the match. I checked, tickets were priced from $199.00.

Who has a spare $199, whoever is playing in the final? The rich and the employed do and the pollies probably get their tickets donated by a rich benefactor because they always talk business at sporting events don't they?

As the workforce shrinks, people are confined to quarters and have little money to participate in events that require an admittance fee. In the past few years I have attended sporting and musical performances that can be counted on one hand, because there is no excess income to buy tickets. Food and shelter come first.

And as for Trump. Someone seriously needs to pull that man aside and tell him he is acting like a despot. I bet our PM won't in his morning phone call tomorrow. If he had any balls he would.

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