Sunday, October 9, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me

I had no plans for my birthday, other than to have no plans. As it happens, I have had one of the nicest birthdays ever. You know the ones. You want to mooch about and soak up the sun.

My second-born and I spend much of our time together and today we did what we do. Went out and people watched and had a lovely time.

In other randomly important news, the US Presidential election is turning electric. Trump is a disaster but I'm not sure why people have only just realised that. One of his Canberra fans is still a fan...

Regrets? They've had a few

My presents? Flowers, chocolate and a drill. So many people want to lend me a drill, but I have wanted my own for years. Now I have one. Sorted.

After Miss B and I arrived home we (I) did a bit of fussing, then I had a birthday drink with my beautiful neighbour, who, if you could write a recipe for a beautiful neighbour, he fulfils by 100. What a gorgeous person, who has supported me through the past year more than I think he even knows.

I'm calling today my New Year's Day. The past 12 months have been traumatic and dramatic and climactic and the cliche of "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". I thought I'd had tough years before this one, but nothing compares. However, I am feeling great. I love the support I have received from many and I thank you excessively for the kind birthday wishes. I repay the kindness in spades. All the love xox


  1. Happy birthday beautiful lady! Raeline

  2. Everyone should own a drill! Several. You realise Rome was built in 36BC using a battery drill? The Apollo team put a man on the moon using a only a drill and some cable ties. Neil Armstrong took a Black and Decker with him. Just in case. I once removed my own appendix with a Bosch blue series 18 v lithium hammer drill. The next day I put it back with old Stanley hand drill. There's nothing you can't do with a drill. One day I'm actually going to buy drill bits and maybe make some holes!