Sunday, July 31, 2016

Time for a treat

Miss B and I had a treat today. High Tea at the Hyatt Hotel in Canberra with my dear cousin Deb to celebrate a birthday.

It was quite lovely to dress in our Sunday best and go and play ladies for a couple of hours. There were lots of other folk around us celebrating their special occasions. There was a woman celebrating her 40th birthday and a big gathering enjoying a baby shower for the yet-to-be-born Sebastian. There were loads of blue gifts and a big card with the baby's name. I've always wondered what you announce when your friends and family already know the baby's sex and name. And what if the baby doesn't suit his name?

We laughed at all the non-mothers in the party in their designer stilettos. The mum-to-be was tottering around on her high heels. The new mums in the party arrived in their flats. There were two babies and two young boys who were beautifully behaved.

I've had a few special occasions at the Hyatt in Canberra. It is such a beautiful hotel and every time I have been there it has been with people who are some of the most special in my life.

We had lots of lovely treats, including the Lime, Chocolate and Ecstasy Slice. I think the Ecstasy was a state of mind, rather than a flavouring.

There were a few Christmas decorations and some Christmas treats. Christmas in December is enough. We do not need another one in July.

I feel a bit disconnected in Canberra. I have some lovely people but not a big tribe. The winter climate is too cold, but the sun showed its face today.

After High Tea we went to a preview of a Persian Carpet auction. The rugs were amazing, so soft, so colourful, so beautiful. Stunning.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Hillary makes history

I watched Hillary Clinton make history today. The former first lady, US Senator and US Secretary of State is the Democratic Presidential candidate.

I happen to have time at the moment to watch whatever I want and listen to anything I feel like. So last week I chose to watch the Republican National Convention and this week the Democratic National Convention.

The highlight of last week was Ivanka Trump. What a sincere woman she appears to be. Good on her.

This week the highlight was Michelle Obama until President Barrack Obama gave his speech yesterday. My goodness, has there ever been a better public speaker? Probably, but I'm not sure who that is this week.

Today I watched Hillary Clinton accept the Democratic nomination to run for President of the United States.

Why does this mean anything to me?

I have grown up in a time where women were treated like second-class citizens. They have been paid less than men, expected to give up their jobs to stay home with children, shouldered the majority of the second shift ... I resigned from a job many years ago because I was expected to do the same work as a man, but at lesser pay, I missed out on a position because of who my male partner was ... but here today was a woman who has had good times and hard times with her husband who now appears to have his support to run for one of the top jobs in the world.

I liked her speech, I believe she will be a better choice for the US than her opponent, and what happens in the US affects immensely what happens in Australia. It will affect my son who has joined our armed forces, so yes, this is personal.

I got a really crap mark on a history essay in high school and the teacher told me not to take it personally. As it was my work that was being judged, how else was I supposed to take except personally, I remonstrated.

Back home in Australia today we had the current PM dash the hopes of a former PM to allow him to nominate for the job as Secretary General of the United Nations. Kevin Rudd would probably never have won the contest but how churlish of the Liberal Prime Minister to not endorse his candidacy. But then Malcolm Turnbull has vetoed many other people in his professional and personal life. Maybe if your mother walks out when you are a child you never get over it and so have to take power over other people. What else would explain his bullying behaviour? Oh maybe membership of the Liberal Party. They are good haters. Turnbull and Rudd have similar sized egos and it is a blight on our society that people like this get to claw their way to the top of the political heap, or any pile of trash.

I actually like that the Royals are in charge. They may not deserve it, but someone has to be top of the tree and if there wasn't this line of inheritance can you imagine the catfighting and wrist-slashing that would be writ large across the national stage as egos competed for power? Well, it is anyway ...

I hope Hillary gets to make more history. She has worked hard and is better qualified than Trump to run the US. It may not be much of a choice, but at least we get to choose. Unlike many, many people around the world who are being bombed and tortured out of existence (including Indigenous children in custody in Australia). May we hang our heads in shame over their treatment.