Wednesday, December 30, 2015

That eye the stye

I love that my body manifests stress on the outside. Yesterday I awoke to the sight of a stye on my eye. Whatever has manifested itself on my right eyelid is immensely painful and a sign of I'm not quite sure what.

Perhaps it is a symbol to mark the passing of 2015. All appears to be operating smoothly but scratch the surface and there are undercurrents of pus. Yes, that seems appropriate.

Yesterday I went to see my cousin Deborah in Mittagong. It's always lovely to catch up. We have so much shared family history - our dead mothers are sisters - that many things do not be said. The drive there and back did my eye no favours, but I had to collect the teenagers from their beach it was all done in the name of love.

Much has been done this year in the name of love.

I end the year unexpectedly without a full-time job but being told by friends that I look amazing, better than I have in years.

There have been some major achievements this year. Getting Mr C through the last year of school, getting Miss B through another year of school, attending two incredible wedding celebrations, seeing 1D at their first concert of #OTRA, doing a mighty fine job at my job, painting, selling paintings, improving at painting, learning astrology with the amazing Mystic Medusa ... walking, eating well, drinking too much wine - especially with a couple of friends in particular - being in touch with loads of gorgeous people from the past who are part of the present and future ... I didn't fall in love but met a couple of beautiful, gorgeous men. I always meet gorgeous men. Perhaps the next one will be single and available??? Haha. Be careful what you wish for ...

Oh and the depression has gone after four long years. If there was a God I would thank them.

Happy New Year for 2016. May love and light guide your way and fill your heart.

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