Sunday, December 27, 2015

So, that was Christmas

I went to Bathurst for Christmas to spend the day with my 87-year-old father. In a normal life, 87 would be old age where you have outlived most of the population and are well-ensconced in the twilight years. When you are 87 and your father is a SuperCentenarian (110) life is a little different. I have to remember that my Dad has indeed outlived much of the population and even though he is in rude good health he is at the age where anything could happen. Heck, he could sit on his chair and fall asleep and never wake up. That's what happens.

My Dad also happens to be an Anglican minister. His firm faith is one to be admired. Some people believe in religion, some in art, some in music. People who are driven to follow their passion are to be admired. My Dad came to this realisation earlier in life than me. I have realised at the age of 53 that the passion I have for art will nourish my soul for the rest of my life. He realised in his 20s that his faith in God was what he needed to pursue.

I've had a few people lately tell me how light I look. Yes, I respond, I have removed the stresses from my life.

It's all amazing when we reach in and connect with our soul. It doesn't matter what it is that our heart desires. What matters is that we listen and pay attention and act on our gut instinct. Most people are too scared to do so in case "society" judges them for not sticking to the "norm". I say, go for it.

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