Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Perfect Life

I have used walking as a form of fitness and therapy for many years. Sometimes there are days or weeks between walks but then I get another spurt along and walk every day. This morning I went for a walk up Red Hill, which is just behind where I live. Then I went to Gallery Yoga.

Then I went to the Christmas pARTy at the Artistic Vision Gallery, then I came home and Miss Bliss gave me a facial and painted my toenails. Then we had dinner and then the teenagers had a spat.

This apparently is my perfect life.

I wear my gorgeous friend Judith's cap and repeat: Never Give Up. RIP Judith xox

When I have some deep dark thoughts I talk to my life coach or I write in my journal, or both.  I talk to my friends, either on the phone or face-to-face. There is no subject that is taboo, no stone unturned, no question that cannot be asked or answered.

I choose to have a filter on what appears on the Internet. My friend who is a cyber security expert (of the entire world) is sent into paroxysms of fear when FB and Twitter and all the other "social" media sites are mentioned. I don't blame him.

We all read 1984 by George Orwell and thought "Oh that will never happen". But now people put their whole lives online. The fill out online forms with their actual birthdate, their mother's maiden name, their driver's licence number. All those identifying details. These are stored in many places, even if we read the fine print and think it isn't. It's like when you press "delete" on something on the Internet. It's still stored somewhere, forever.

What happens when the Internet dies? We all go back to being human.

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