Sunday, November 8, 2015

Classic encounters

Miss B and I travelled to the NSW Central Coast today to celebrate my Granddad Alfred Date's 110th birthday. It's become something of an annual pilgrimage in recent years. We went to his 108th, 109th and now his 110th. We went to his 100th and I well remember attending his 80th birthday party and thinking what a great age he had achieved.

Alfred with his granddaughters and great granddaughters

Alfred was born in London but his parents George and Harriet brought their young family to Australia to escape the looming trouble in England and Europe. They arrived here in 1911, before the outbreak of WWI.

Alfred is looking pretty good for a supercentenarian and speaks with the sharp mind he has always possessed. Tomorrow the Governor-General is going to visit. I expect a card from the Queen is nice, but he has quite a few of those now.

When Alfred turned 108 he told me he wanted two more birthdays. Well he's got them and who knows what comes next. He fell over twice this week...and has a large bump on the back and front of his head to show for it, but as he told my brother, he would have left an awful lot of people in the lurch if he hadn't made it to today's party.

On the trip north, we stopped at Pheasants Nest for a refreshment break. Parked was this most amazing Rolls Royce.

1963 Rolls Royce

The lovely owner Greg was in the car, on his way to a vintage car show, and I asked him if he minded if I took a photograph.

The car has been in his family for three generations.

Greg: It is 52 years old.

Me: That's one year younger than me. Who is looking better for their age?

Greg: You are, of course.

Love a roadside encounter like this. Haha.

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