Sunday, August 23, 2015

Weekend projects

I hear that some people spend their weekends watching movies, going out for meals and generally resting. I've had my second long-weekend in a row and haven't stopped.

The weekend workbench

I've shopped, cleaned, cooked, gallery-sat, went to art class, played the piano, worked on four or five paintings to send to my friend Jacqui's exhibition in Brisbane next month, there is another load of washing in the machine, there is some sewing I would like to do and there's been time for only one walk.

Miss Bliss tells me to finish one project before another one but it's not the way my brain works.

I love my projects and it's lucky that we don't really need a dining table because it is the best work bench.

There's also been some astrology homework this weekend as Mystic Medusa explains in her blog: To summarize, this is the last blast of Saturn in Scorpio. After a power trip/psychological colonic/master declutter ongoing since October 2012, it is vacating the establishment.

Think what has morphed in your life since late 2012 if you want some Saturnine perspective.

For me that has been a new job, new home, singledom, looking after the teenagers, sharing some precious times with beautiful friends - you know who you are - and working out what I really want for the next half of my life. Luckily there has been a rather patient and special life coach beside me all the way to help me understand why certain choices are made and others are not and myriad reasons why the people of my tribe belong there - and why some interlopers exist to teach me things or for me to teach them. I've also seen magic.

After an intense few months I'm now ready for new adventures. Wiser, grounded and enjoying the art/music side of life more than ever.

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