Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Joe's Bar

I went out tonight. My social life is mostly non-existent, I'm not sure why. I run into local friends at the supermarket but we don't go out...but when friends visit Canberra I get to go out.

Glass art

Tonight it was to Joe's Bar at the East Hotel. Joe's has been open for 10 days and it is quite sensational. Canberra does continue to surprise with the way exceptional eateries/bars open up with little fanfare.

Delighted as I was to be there, it was even more delightful to see my friend Kylie who works for East. She and I shared many an AFL sideline over cold winters when our boys played for the same team.

There was a man at a table who kept staring at me. I almost went over and asked him to buy me a drink as he looked interesting. Then I thought of my hot water bottle and my bed and decided to come home. Haha

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