Monday, August 10, 2015

All things bright

When I began blogging on 9 October 2011 I knew the following 12 months were going to be interesting, terrifying, exasperating, frightening, challenging and a few other "ings". I vowed though that I wanted to document the good, rather than the bad and the heartache.

That blog ended about 18 months later as it had served its purpose and then Paris Apple Hotel was opened.

A friend asked in the early days "where is this Paris Apple Hotel of which you write?"

My answer: in my imagination.

It's a place where stuff happens, art is created, ideas are generated and I generally have a rant or a rave.

My most private thoughts are consigned to a journal that no one gets to read. I have bequeathed them to Miss Bliss when I die. I'm up to Volume 8 after five years...She can read them, burn them, turn them into compost, whatever she wants to do. Maybe she will sit around on the the third Thursday of the month with which ever friends are there and they can read them aloud...I don't mind. Maybe they will learn a few life lessons and have a cry and a laugh.

The past few weeks have been a bit hard on the life side. There's quite a bit of Sh*t happening. Any one of the events would be enough to send you/me crazy.

I'm the world's nicest person but all that seems to mean is people take me and my kindness for granted. How do you change your personality after a lifetime? You don't. But you learn more about yourself through the people who come in and out of your life.

My beautiful life coach talks to me about crossing paths with people. This is a phrase I have heard all my life but it's only recently that I understand what it means. We are all on a path, on our own. Some people join us for sections of the path, others criss cross.

The fad saying is that we are on a journey. No, we are living our lives. It's A to B and C and D and all the way to Z, with backtracking, crisscrossing, fireworks, black fogs, black dogs and white light.

Love and light. Find the love, follow the light.

Peace. Believe in peace.

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