Monday, July 13, 2015

Winter Staycation

It's too cold at the moment but I'm too broke to go anywhere warm so the teenagers and I are having a  Staycation in Canberra.

After the excitement of Une Magnifique Soiree I fell into a deep depression last had been building for some time and luckily I have this week off to rebalance myself.

Saturday and Sunday passed in an Antarctic Vortex blur but the temperature hit 9 today so Miss Bliss and I took ourselves to the National Arboretum. It's terrible when you live in Canberra and are surrounded by buildings and places of national and international importance...but you drive past and think "oh I'll visit some day".

I must have driven past the Arboretum hundreds of times and often wondered what the point of it was. Having visited today I get it. There are forests of different species and in the decades to come as the trees grow it will be quite spectacular. Now though it is a most glorious place that gives views to the north and west of Canberra. It is as cold as fuq on a windy winter's day but it is beautiful. In 20 years' time it will be even more beautiful as many of the trees are babies.

What lured us there today was the promise of seeing the Warm Trees.

As the website says: Warm Trees is a social event – groups of volunteers knit together, share their ideas and have a lot of fun. Last year's volunteers included knitters in an aged care facility, contributions from families, and the work of many individuals from the Canberra community and around Australia.
The main goal is to encourage people to visit the Arboretum and explore the forests, even in the winter time, and to engage with the Arboretum in a very different way.

Well it worked. We had a lovely visit and will return. I even have a plan to yarn bomb a tree or two outside my place...the golfers and the neighbours will think I'm nuts.

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