Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Walter James Palmer, lion killer

If you were a patient of Walter James Palmer, lion killer, you would have to turn up at your next dental appointment so you could berate him for the senseless killing of a majestic beast. Oh he can argue it was legal and he loves killing animals, but none of that washes. It is barbaric to maim an animal and let it suffer for 40 hours before finally putting it out of its misery...brought on by a brutal hunter.

What is it about people who wake up in the morning and think it is ok to go shoot an animal that is living where it is meant to live, not being a feral pest, just going about nature's way?

I'm all for control of feral pests by the most efficient means, but this lion was not a pest. Cecil was
living where it should have been and wasn't killing people or domestic animals. It was living in a national park and was being studied by Oxford University and was popular with tourists.

Surely it is better for thousands of people to see lions living in their natural habitat and being educated about animals than one man getting his rocks off on killing a beast.

What a tragedy. I wonder what Walter James Palmer will tell his children, when he is now blaming his guides for what he did. Man up. Own your disaster. It is the only way you may begin to earn an ounce of respect from the millions who loathe you right now.

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