Friday, July 17, 2015

Wake up, kick a*se, repeat

Depression is a funny (peculiar) condition. It stops you/me from doing the very things that make you/me feel better.

Take walking. I love to walk and clear my head. It also helps to burn off the calories, but for me it is more about head-clearing. So what have I been not doing the past couple of months?

Today I went for a two-hour walk up Red Hill. This is one of those bush wonderlands that dot Canberra. Most suburbs have a nature park nearby and this one has a steep climb, wildlife, trees and views. It's such a beautiful walk and I'm sure I will miss it when I move to the beach and watch dolphins in the waves (haha, joke...about missing it).

The wattle is flowering

Hello kangaroos and the view to the south-west

My staycation has involved doing lots of not much, having some friends and family over, working for an afternoon in the Artistic Vision Gallery and doing some paintings. Today, after Miss Bliss got her hair cut, I took myself up Red Hill for a two-hour walk. I didn't mean to go for so long but I had consumed rather an amount of alcohol with two of my besties last night and needed to sweat it out.

Hello Joey


It wasn't the warmest day today but there was no wind, so it was lovely walking weather. And the kangaroos...normally I see two mobs but there seems to have been a population explosion and there were twice as many as normal. The joeys in the pouches are so cute.

Bunny art.  I love this garden and the people who live in the house have a number of sculptures, which are lit at night. Art in the suburbs. There should be more of it.

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