Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The death of Cecil the Lion

I'm saddened to hear that Cecil the lion has been killed in Zimbabwe. Apparently a hunter paid €50,000 track and kill the lion.

I suppose in another time a man who killed a lion was regarded as a hero but we have moved beyond that haven't we? Surely the king of the jungle should be allowed to live and hunt and die of his own accord, not at the hands of a pay-per-kill tourist.

I have never seen a lion in the wild, only in zoos. I've always wanted to visit Africa to see the animals in the wild. Do I want to see poachers and hunters? No.

Where are the values of kindness, care and treating other humans and animals the way we wish to be treated? Why do people have to be reminded to treat others as they wish to be treated?

There is so much angst and hate in the world. It is difficult to navigate some days. We have just seen photos of Pluto, another place, a long way away. NASA has apparently found Earth's cousin in Kepler-452b. What would the Keplervians think of us? 


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