Sunday, July 19, 2015

Meeting Max

Three months ago my beautiful friend Giulia gave birth to Max, her fifth child. I know two families with five children and one with eight. I have two teenagers.
Me and Max, Bliss and Max

The view from their house and the evening sky

Giulia and I met when we worked in Federal politics and we clicked. With her incredible schedule we do not see each other often enough, but it's always wonderful when we do. Miss Bliss and I went to meet Max this afternoon. He's three months old but we have been sidelined with winter coughs so had not visited until today.

She lives in one of those delightful houses where there are always other people present. There were some people there for lunch when we arrived and a neighbour dropped in later with a cake. The children had one of their friends over to play. The children were all having a ball and Miss Bliss and I got to sit and cuddle Max.

What a beautiful boy. An Aries...ha ha ha...I told her "good luck with that".

I've had a nice week off work. Back to it tomorrow, with a much tidier house and more focus. Many adventures ahead.

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