Saturday, July 4, 2015

A gorgeous event

How lucky am I? Yesterday Miss Bliss and I drove to Sydney to attend Une Magnifique Soiree to celebrate the wedding of our friend Alex to his beautiful French bride Domi.

Alex and I met about six years ago when I was working in Parliament House. Neither he or I truly understand our friendship but we love each other dearly and catch up when he is in Canberra, for French Champagne and a huge talk.

Last night was the first time I had met the beautiful Domitille, who greeted me with that classic line "I have heard so much about you".  She is everything and more that Alex has said. No wonder he fell in love with her.

Alex and Bliss

It was also delightful to meet Alex's mum and dad who treated Bliss and I as members of the extended family.

Their home was transformed into a fairyland with lights, CanCan dancers, a band, beautiful food and drinks.  And oh so many flowers and candles. Everywhere I looked were family photos, books and art. No wonder I felt at home.

I gave the happy couple a little watercolour I did a few weeks ago.

Whenever I feel a bit blue in the cold Canberra winter I draw on experiences like last night's. It was so lovely to be in my friend's family home and feel a sense of belonging. I knew one other person who was there, but left after meeting some truly gorgeous and interesting people. I am so lucky to have these beautiful friends. What a blessing to be so loved.

Back through the arch to reality today.

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