Sunday, June 14, 2015

The past is where is should be

Oh the turmoil and the life-changing events of the past few years. On Friday Miss B celebrated being 15. For some reason it feels like an important number for both of us. With Mr C now 18 my "gap year" in 2019 is gaining traction.

 Oils on Yupo paper, Lake Burley Griffin

When I left school last century I had six weeks off then went to work as a cadet journalist. I have not really stopped since. Sure, there have been variations to full-time paid employment, but I did a good job of keeping my career alive while I worked part-time and AT and I had two children.

Nearly seven years ago everything changed from journalism to politics for a whirlwind three-and-a-bit years.

My current job mixes all of the above plus lots of new skills, so I enjoy it. I've also been painting for two years, which I love, even on days like yesterday when I was so exhausted at class I wasn't paying attention all that well.

The French Suites

Today I did something I haven't done in ages...played the piano.  Miss B got a guitar for her birthday and I'm inspired to play music again as it so wonderful to hear her play.

There are so many pieces that I used to play and it was lovely to sit and hear the music, even though I was a bit hesitant after not practising/playing for ages. I must play more often and I've set myself the challenge of learning these French Suites by Bach. I love a challenge. There is so much music sitting on top of the piano, inherited from my mother. Better that it be played than merely ornamental.

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