Saturday, June 20, 2015

The future is art

I made a pact with myself a bit over two years ago. I would attend art classes for five years with the aim of being a full-time artist as my next career.

I've attended art classes with the wonderful Margaret Hadfield most weeks over the past two years. There's a group of us which meets on Saturday afternoons to paint everything from plants to dogs to landscapes.

Gum leaves, watercolour and pen

In that time I've also branched out on my own. Luckily some of my friends have been impressed with my work and bought a painting from me.

A few weeks ago Margaret announced she was establishing a gallery for her students, and others, to sell their works.

Just prior to learning that, I had got four of my works framed by the expert framer Mark Stewart. He has a really good eye for what will work with art and he and I were really pleased with the result.

Today, I showed Margaret three of my framed paintings. She accepted all of them to hang in the new gallery. I am beyond excitement.

There is an official opening at 3pm on Sunday 28 June so for any of you anywhere near Canberra please come along and support this wonderful initiative to get the work of unknown artists seen by many. Margaret is a great supporter of her students and I would love it if you would come along and support this new business.

There will be an ever-changing range of art, including some treasures being re-sold.

I'm already working on the next batch of paintings to be framed.

Artistic Vision Gallery, 1/61Colbee Court, Phillip, ACT

See you there.

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