Monday, June 8, 2015

Movie sandwich

My week was a movie sandwich. Last weekend I saw A Royal Night Out with Miss B. Yesterday I saw Mad Max Fury Road with Mr C.

The story of my life really. Some days are sparkly and fun with champagne and lovely people. Others are like belting along the highway of life, strapped in and taking the pot shots lobbed from those who would like to cut me down.

Even the world's nicest person has her enemies.

At least as I get older I can pick them and their behaviour sooner. I also have some lovely people in my life who help guide me through the maelstrom.

And in the end there is Karma. This is one of the finer arts and it requires patience to believe in it and I have learned patience. It may surprise some of you to know that the person who taught me patience is a politician. It's easy to score points along the way but you need a goal and the drive to get you there. You must keep your eye on the prize.

The assistance of the most amazing life coach has seen me focus on what really matters. Art, music, love, good friends, writing, fresh air, kind thoughts.

As the philosopher Harry Styles says: All The Love ❤️

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