Thursday, June 11, 2015

Let's be happy about gay marriage

I've been reading lots of commentary about gay marriage and listening to its opponents. Why are they so fussed that people of the same sex want to get married?

Then I had a thought. Perhaps the social conservatives who believe that marriage is between a man and a woman are those who are married to someone they once thought appealing, perhaps they even loved, they've had a few children together and their property is part of the family unit.

Breaking up is hard to do. It's going to cost a lot to separate and divorce, it's hard work looking after yourself, particularly if one of the partnership has a job that involves extensive travel, and the "happy family" is a lovely prop in their lives.

As my close friends know I am upfront about asking a complete stranger details about their life, and one I have asked often, especially of married men, is how they feel about a fling outside the marriage.

Some would never stray while others are keen to pursue a physical relationship, with the only rule that they and the woman can remain in touch as business associates, but there will be no bunny boilers. And fair enough.

I have  female friends who are long married but tell me they could not stay if it were not for their special friend outside the marriage.

Not being interested in the whole online dating scene I'd prefer to stay home with a good glass of wine...

My long-term partner and I didn't get married but we lived together for many years and had two beautiful children and two mortgages. You couldn't have got a couple more committed to each other and the family unit, but then things changed. Would a marriage certificate have kept us together? No.

Who are the social conservatives kidding?

Maybe why they feel threatened by same sex marriage is that couples will truly get married for love. Not to raise children, as most of the conservatives like to champion as the reason to keep marriage "traditional" but because they actually love each other.

Good luck to any couple which loves each other enough to share in this legal arrangement.

It's 2015 and as my teenagers say what is the big deal?

Live and let live. If you want to marry the one you love, marry them. Go on, make each other's day. You're a long time dead.

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