Monday, June 29, 2015

It's official. The gallery is open.

So excited was I on Saturday night I could barely sleep. On Sunday the Artistic Vision Gallery was opening and I had three paintings on the walls.

Me and my art

I haven't been this nervous for years. My life has undergone some unplanned changes in the past seven years so two years ago to quell the panic I decided to pursue a dream I've had for a long time and learn to paint.

It's all leading to an art gallery by the sea, my escape from Canberra plan. I always ask people what their escape from Canberra plan is. Some look at me bewildered, others get it.

If I'm going to have a gallery I may as well have my paintings for sale and so I've been going to art class for a bit over two years. I'm always painting at home as well and what I paint at home is nothing like what we do in class, but that's the beauty of class. I've learned how to apply different paints to different surfaces and have also got the confidence to experiment.

If something doesn't work, it's only paint.

I had the pleasure of introducing our teacher Margaret Hadfield at the official opening yesterday. While just about everyone in the gallery knew her, I wanted them to know how much the opportunity to have paintings on a wall in a public gallery means to me, and to others.

So when you are next looking for art, please visit the Artistic Visions Gallery at 1/61 Colbee Court, Phillip, ACT.

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  1. How cool to be in a gallery. Love the frames. Congrats on this latest achievement.

  2. Congratulations Margot! That's fantastic.

  3. What a thrill. You look so happy. I love your plan of a gallery by the sea. Feels right! Congratulations.

  4. Congratulations, I will watch with interest. Don't forget to include Tuscany in your dreams.