Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Get a job

In the 1970s when hitchhikers were common on major highways one of my teenage brothers used to delight in yelling at them: "Get a job".

I was reminded of this today when the Treasurer Joe Hockey told anyone who wanted to buy a house in Sydney to get a good job that pays good money.

Then we had his colleagues out and about extolling the virtues of living in regional cities and the western suburbs of Sydney, which would offer a better lifestyle choice than seeking to live somewhere near your friends and family and perhaps within 20-30 minutes of work and entertainment and shopping and parks and where you belong.

No you peasants, go and live where you can afford it.

I'm all for buying the house you can afford and if that means a smaller house in a smarter suburb, do that. When AT and I bought our first house in Marrickville in 1993 for a modest sum we figured we could afford it on one wage.  It wasn't a particularly smart suburb at the time but it had potential. My mother had died and left me some money for the deposit. This, some friends told me, made me "lucky". Yes having a dead mother always beats having a live mother.

Anyway, I did my research, we bought well. We sold the house three years ago against all my better instincts, but it had to be done.

A roof over my head that I own (with the bank) is incredibly important, as I grew up living in Anglican rectories that were dumps. The various parish councils would never sanction upgrading as they did not believe a family with four children would respect the property. What a load of hogs*t.

To her dying day this upset my mother and it's those lessons learned in early years that stick.

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