Monday, May 25, 2015

Wow of a weekend to celebrate a wedding

My big brother Ken married the gorgeous Melissa in New York on 7 May. On Saturday night more than 100 of their nearest and dearest gathered at The Chapter House in Melbourne to celebrate their marriage.

What was glorious, obviously, was seeing the happy couple, but also meeting old friends again. It was so nice to catch up. There were also new friends to meet and make. Some of them I'd heard about, others were pure surprise.

The happy couple at the party.

We are not in Kansas any more.

My gorgeous cousin Deborah and I spent two nights in Melbourne so that we could chat and chat and chat and attend the party. We mooched about the shops on Sunday. Melbourne has better shops than anywhere, especially in the laneways.

We bought shoes. I also bought earrings. Oops.

Love a city built from a goldrush.

I may have bought pearl earrings from a shop in this building.

I love Melbourne. I've been visiting the city for the past five years, mostly for work, but I know the CBD now and soak up the energy of the crowds. The worst thing that happened was that I stepped on a broken glass in the Bourke St Mall on Saturday evening. The glass pierced the sole of my shoe and walking around for the next night/day/night has done nothing to help it heal. But at least with the wine there was not too much pain.

Eureka Tower. Another photo for the painting that has been commissioned.

An artist needs a beret.

Phil me up.

Deb, Ken and Melissa.

Last night we joined the happy couple for a drink and met the gorgeous Bryn and Mia. There are plans for painting and music, near the beach. I love meeting interesting people through my family and friends.
New friends Mia and Bryn.

I'm so glad Melissa and Ken have met and married. What a beautiful sister-in-law I have (along with the gorgeous Ilse De Ziah, of course).

You will all be pleased to know that my tradition of crying at weddings was upheld. When Ken mentioned our mother Lorna the tears poured out. She would love Melissa. We all do.

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