Saturday, May 9, 2015

The happy couple

My big brother Kenneth got married this week to the lovely Melissa. They ran away to New York City and got married at Grand Central Station. Anyone who knows Ken would understand how fitting this venue is. He is a trainspotter from way back, before the term was invented.

He told me: "So many people wished us well it was amazing. Goodwill everywhere."

When we were young he organised for us to travel on the Captain Cook bicentenary train from Byron Bay to Murwillumbah and back. I kept the souvenir ticket from that adventure for years, in my jewellery box. I love steam trains, probably because of that exciting day.

Whenever he drives somewhere he knows all the "back roads" that hug train lines. My dad loves trains. He bought the boys a train set one year for Christmas. More for him than for them. At the age of 86 he still has a train room and loves tinkering in it.

Even I own an engine. A little steam engine. It's not at my house, it is part of the train set.

Whenever anyone makes fun or complains about their man's hobby or obsession I remind them that it is better than gambling, drinking and womanising.

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