Sunday, May 3, 2015

Festival of the Pumpkin, Collector

In honour of our tradition of Sunday outings Miss Bliss and I went to the Pumpkin Festival at Collector today. This is another of those annual festivals you never go to because they are on year after year...except I now have a plan for the post-school years so I figure I need to go to all the events in and around Canberra in the next three years because then I am out of here.

There are more pumpkins in Woolies at "Halloween" than there were at the Pumpkin Festival, but it was an incredibly popular day out. There were thousands of people.

We bought some great stuff and listened to some cheesy music and had a sausage sizzle and tonight have had a roast with freshly picked potatoes and pumpkin.

My retirement from social media has had a bit of a I will be promoting my blog on them both.

Can I just say watching the Logies red carpet that tits on show are gross?

And in happy news, a baby princess was born yesterday. Yay.
Vintage cars


Large pumpkins

A knitted pumpkin


Country cemetery

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