Monday, May 25, 2015

Wow of a weekend to celebrate a wedding

My big brother Ken married the gorgeous Melissa in New York on 7 May. On Saturday night more than 100 of their nearest and dearest gathered at The Chapter House in Melbourne to celebrate their marriage.

What was glorious, obviously, was seeing the happy couple, but also meeting old friends again. It was so nice to catch up. There were also new friends to meet and make. Some of them I'd heard about, others were pure surprise.

The happy couple at the party.

We are not in Kansas any more.

My gorgeous cousin Deborah and I spent two nights in Melbourne so that we could chat and chat and chat and attend the party. We mooched about the shops on Sunday. Melbourne has better shops than anywhere, especially in the laneways.

We bought shoes. I also bought earrings. Oops.

Love a city built from a goldrush.

I may have bought pearl earrings from a shop in this building.

I love Melbourne. I've been visiting the city for the past five years, mostly for work, but I know the CBD now and soak up the energy of the crowds. The worst thing that happened was that I stepped on a broken glass in the Bourke St Mall on Saturday evening. The glass pierced the sole of my shoe and walking around for the next night/day/night has done nothing to help it heal. But at least with the wine there was not too much pain.

Eureka Tower. Another photo for the painting that has been commissioned.

An artist needs a beret.

Phil me up.

Deb, Ken and Melissa.

Last night we joined the happy couple for a drink and met the gorgeous Bryn and Mia. There are plans for painting and music, near the beach. I love meeting interesting people through my family and friends.
New friends Mia and Bryn.

I'm so glad Melissa and Ken have met and married. What a beautiful sister-in-law I have (along with the gorgeous Ilse De Ziah, of course).

You will all be pleased to know that my tradition of crying at weddings was upheld. When Ken mentioned our mother Lorna the tears poured out. She would love Melissa. We all do.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Maggie and friends

I went to art class yesterday and painted this maggie. I love magpies. I also love painting. I haven't painted for three weeks because one of things that happens when you have depression is that you don't always do what you love.

Anyway, I used my hibernation from the world to seriously sort out my house. Only the sewing room remains as a treasure trove in need of order.

The onset of the cold weather and the shorter length of sunlight each day always makes me feel glum. When I make my escape from the national capital it will be to a warmer, sunnier climate, all year round.

This morning, for example, the outside temperature was 9.9 and the apparent temperature was -1. Now the grey clouds have filled the sky and the wind is gathering strength. Delightful.

I'm always prepared for a rainy or a grainy day with one of my projects. Last month I bought some fabric from my favourite store - Addicted To Fabric - with the idea of making a quilt. I can see the quilt in my head and today I will cut it out and sew it together.

My love of painting and projects continues a family tradition. My brothers all like to draw and write and play music.

Our mother liked to do all those things as well.

Here's a painting she did nearly 50 years ago at The Pass at Byron Bay, with the Julian Rocks. I remember those beach painting excursions. Lots of fun. One time we were on Tallow Beach and the fishermen caught a grey nurse shark. Then they cut open her belly all these baby sharks came out. Gruesome/Awesome.

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers, dead or alive.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The happy couple

My big brother Kenneth got married this week to the lovely Melissa. They ran away to New York City and got married at Grand Central Station. Anyone who knows Ken would understand how fitting this venue is. He is a trainspotter from way back, before the term was invented.

He told me: "So many people wished us well it was amazing. Goodwill everywhere."

When we were young he organised for us to travel on the Captain Cook bicentenary train from Byron Bay to Murwillumbah and back. I kept the souvenir ticket from that adventure for years, in my jewellery box. I love steam trains, probably because of that exciting day.

Whenever he drives somewhere he knows all the "back roads" that hug train lines. My dad loves trains. He bought the boys a train set one year for Christmas. More for him than for them. At the age of 86 he still has a train room and loves tinkering in it.

Even I own an engine. A little steam engine. It's not at my house, it is part of the train set.

Whenever anyone makes fun or complains about their man's hobby or obsession I remind them that it is better than gambling, drinking and womanising.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Festival of the Pumpkin, Collector

In honour of our tradition of Sunday outings Miss Bliss and I went to the Pumpkin Festival at Collector today. This is another of those annual festivals you never go to because they are on year after year...except I now have a plan for the post-school years so I figure I need to go to all the events in and around Canberra in the next three years because then I am out of here.

There are more pumpkins in Woolies at "Halloween" than there were at the Pumpkin Festival, but it was an incredibly popular day out. There were thousands of people.

We bought some great stuff and listened to some cheesy music and had a sausage sizzle and tonight have had a roast with freshly picked potatoes and pumpkin.

My retirement from social media has had a bit of a I will be promoting my blog on them both.

Can I just say watching the Logies red carpet that tits on show are gross?

And in happy news, a baby princess was born yesterday. Yay.
Vintage cars


Large pumpkins

A knitted pumpkin


Country cemetery