Saturday, April 4, 2015

Breathe out

The firstborn turned 18 today. I feel as though I can breathe out. What a wonderful adventure in life it is to have children, especially two as bright and interesting and challenging as mine.

Mr C is with his dad tonight, celebrating in true Australian style at the pub, where they went for dinner. We used to go there many Friday nights. A lovely country inn, family friendly, footy on the big screen.

Miss Bliss and I had a lovely dinner tonight and are now watching a Hugh Grant/Sandra Bullock chick flick.

It's Easter Saturday, day 2 of a four-day weekend.

The only reason to have left the premises is to stock up on food, wine and birthday presents.

Easter Day tomorrow.

I've written in Mr C's baby book that I had the good fortune to begin when I was pregnant. It was interesting to read through it today. All his milestones. Glad I wrote them down as there are certain things of which I knew I would forget the details.

I would post a photo but even though I was allowed to take a selfie with me and him I am not allowed to post it anywhere.

But I did do some crocheting and had some lovely wine and will keep the photo for posterity.

I got roses. Of course I got roses. I bought them for myself, because anyone who has been a mother for 18 years deserves roses. xox

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