Monday, April 6, 2015

A tale of two Harrys

There are two men in my life called Harry. One is Harry Styles, from One Direction. The other is Prince Harry, Prince Henry of Wales.

Top photos by Bliss

I've seen both of them this year.

Miss Bliss and I love our royal watching and Canberra is an easy place to spot a royal or a president or someone as important.

She was late for school one fateful day in Kindergarten when we met Princess Mary and Prince Frederik. Since then we have seen the Queen, Kate and Wills and I've seen Barack Obama and various other leaders.

Just for fun today we went to the Australian War Memorial to catch a glimpse of Prince Harry. As you do on these occasions there is a fair bit of standing around so we got chatting with our Prince-watching neighbours and shared an umbrella when the weather decided to turn "South-East England".

Even with the trifecta of a pretty teenager, toddlers and a baby in our group, Harry didn't come and shake our hands. But we didn't mind. We started a chant of "Harry, Harry, Harry" and watched with some mirth as Samantha Armytage was made up, fussed over, lit, filmed, and then put herself in position to snatch a chat with Harry. He didn't bite.

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