Sunday, March 15, 2015

Things that peeve me

I have had a gutful. These are the things that are giving me an earache today.

Is this your car? You are a road bully.

* Bullies in Jeeps. Remember those ads where all sorts of lovely people declared to their truly beloved: "I bought a Jeep". Well in real life pricks bought Jeeps. Today I had a woman driving a Jeep two metres behind me. Never mind if a child had run on to the road and I'd have had to brake suddenly. This woman was in a Jeep and she owned the road. Then I went to the Fyshwick markets to buy some food and as I waiting at a T junction in the car park to make a right hand turn a man behind me in his Jeep beeped as he wanted to park his car and could not wait 20 seconds. That's because people who drive Jeeps are pricks, in my experience.

* Three-quarter length tights. Who thought these were a good idea to invent? Women everywhere in Canberra wear them and they look disgusting. No one looks attractive in clinging material. No one. Absolutely no one. Your camel toe does not need to be seen by the human eye. Ever.

* Small people who bring others down to their level. Oh don't get me started. Just let me commend the comments of a person close to me who said "Just remember Margot, 95% of people in the world are dickheads and the rest of us aren't. Keep remembering that and you will be OK."

* My ear. My ear is throbbing. This is a sign of stress. I am stressed.

* Entertainment reporters telling mothers how to live their lives. Get over yourself you old prick. Nobody cares what you think. Mothers are the best judges of what is best for their family, as are fathers.

If you are wondering why I am so cheesed off, please subscribe to Mystic Medusa as it is all in the planets. Big ending to a large passage in the next few weeks. Watch out world. I may turn from the world's nicest person to one who uses magic to reap karma on those who have been pricks to me.

All the love.

PS: To end on a happy note, my daughter has a new lunchbox and it is cool.

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