Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Girl Almighty

My favourite band, One Direction, sing a song called Girl Almighty. The lyrics are a bit silly, but the theme is that this girl is so fabulous the boys in the band worship her
I get down I get down I get down
On my knees for you

It was one of my highlights at the concert in Sydney on Saturday night and it's a theme song for Miss B and I.
As I wrote on FB today I've been struggling with depression and it has hit me this week, big time. Normally I don't talk about it, I just get on with my life, working full-time, parenting two teenagers,  enjoying lovely times with my friends, painting, sewing, reading and whatever else my latest passion is.
The thing with depression is that it washes over you like a wave and suddenly you are dumped and swirling in the white water.
I've been feeling unsteady for about a month but this week it hit. I've had today off, doubled my medication and feel as though I can face the world again tomorrow.
I've made such conscious choices in recent years to change my life and to evolve. As my beautiful astrologer Mystic Medusa says this is the Zap Zone. Stay stuck and you are fuqed.
These changes have been in the air since 2008. It's hard work to change and evolve and find the right path. I know I'm on it. Thank you to all my beautiful friends today for their words of encouragement. They mean so much to me, and I will be in touch, either in person or by phone. Thanks for the lovely offers of a phone call or a visit. Please know that the offers are reciprocated.

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