Sunday, February 8, 2015

Inspired by a boy band

Last night Miss B and I went to the first concert of One Direction's On The Road Again tour. It was a massive night at the Allianz Stadium at Moore Park but it was for us far more than going to see our favourite band in concert.

Since we moved out two years ago life has been like a roller coaster. Last year was particularly difficult but through the darkness I thought buying tickets to see the Boys in concert would give us something exciting to look forward to.

We had an official countdown of 252 days. At first it was counted in months, then weeks, then mere days, then hours.

The new album Four was released in November so there were new songs to learn if we were going to have the total concert experience.

When I logged on to the website to buy tickets I noticed there was a "gold" section that promised good seating, with good line of sight. The cost was silly but I thought, what the heck, we don't go on fancy holidays or do much outside of home at the moment. So I paid almost $400 for two tickets.

Can I just say every cent was worth it? When we arrived and took our seats yesterday we had a clear view of everything. There was no one to block our view and the stage was close enough that we could see all the action. Two massive screens heightened the concert experience, but it's fun to watch things in real life.

There were fireworks with many of the songs, light effects, including from the crowd, who do not even need a prompt to use the flashlights from their phones for Little Things, and also for Story of My Life.

A couple of points I would like to make. I was astonished by the number of unaccompanied minors at the concert. There are an extraordinary number of parents who either have great trust in their children (as do most of us), but also in the crowd around them.

I would have expected youngsters to be quite overwhelmed by the noise and the crowd and the crush leaving at the end, but there were thousands of parents picking up unaccompanied children (and I mean younger than my 14 y o). It's obviously a done thing. Not in my world, but in that of others. I hope they all got home safely.

I know some parents think it is an ordeal to sit through a concert of their children's favourite band, but for me, music is something that brings my children close to me. They have completely different tastes in music but I love hearing the latest and learning about new styles, collaborations, new artists, old musicians, the lot. Music, art and love make the world go around.

What inspires me about this particular group is that they started as contestants on the X Factor in Britain. They had little success but Simon Cowell put them together as a band. They only reached third in the final, but four years on, they have a following of Directioners in many countries and these people - mostly teenage girls - are united in their love for the band and their music.

They have worked hard for their achievements and make a point of thanking their fans during the concerts as they know that without them they are nothing. Harry even thanked the parents who had brought their children to the event, which I thought was lovely.

Afterwards we got the bus home to our friends at Marrickville. Miss B was enthralled with the late night commuters. She sees nothing of the likes of that in Canberra.

Highlights: Harry Styles appearing on stage with the man bun. Niall Horan being Niall Horan. McBusted drummer Harry Judd (shirtless). Pre-concert dinner in Queen Street Woollahra. Seeing our gorgeous friends. Hope everyone had as good a time as we did. Time to plan another adventure.

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