Saturday, February 14, 2015

Iceberg ahoy

My painting teacher Margaret cruised to Antarctica for her holidays and she always takes hundreds and hundreds of lovely photos so today we got to paint an iceberg.

The Titanic gave icebergs a bad name, but they are quite wonderful. I love that 9/10 of the iceberg is hidden underwater. What must the aliens think of such structures?

This was my first painting class since December. Class resumed last week but I had a date with One Direction on Saturday.

It was nice today to get out the palette knife and apply the oil paint. You get textures and mixes of colours with a knife that are different to the result with a brush. I've always wanted to visit Antarctica so this was fun to paint a slice of it.

Next week we are painting with watercolours. Lucky I've been practising with watercolours over summer.

The thing I love about painting class is that we have learned to see differently. There are so many variations in light and colour in everything around us. Mostly we don't notice, but when you paint you do.

Today happens to be Valentine's Day. I've never really celebrated Valentine's Day. Perhaps some time in the future someone gorgeous will want to treat me to pink diamonds, champagne and flowers. That would be quite lovely.

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