Monday, January 5, 2015

What I did on my holidays

Hordens Beach, Bundeena

Miss B and the Holiday Dog

Macquarie Pass

Storm near Canberra

I have some glorious friends and three of them gave me their house for this past week. The house is in Bundeena which is perched at the edge of the Royal National Park south of Sydney.

I've been going to Bundeena for years but this was the first time I had stayed in the "new" house. It's beautiful, light, airy, has a pool, room for visitors, a garden, a dog and chooks.

Every morning was a sleep-in, every evening was a party. Everyday we swam in the ocean or the pool or both. The Irish cousins came to stay, which was beautiful as they are wonderful children.

I painted a little, read two pages of one of the three books that went on holidays with me, had a big think about life and where I'm headed over the next five years. I'm a bit cautious about a five-year plan because the last one I had did not work out at all.

However, I think I shall call this the five-year manifestation. I'm good at manifesting things. This will be a biggie.

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