Thursday, January 8, 2015

Turn The Lights Out

This new year marks the second anniversary of my new life, living with the two teenagers away from their dad.

My closest friends know what it has been like for me and I love them and value their enduring support as I have made my new way.

I've had a big think over the past few weeks about where I want to be in the next few years. Obviously it will involve painting and I will go back to art class when it resumes in February (although I will miss the first one due to a date with One Direction).

I love showing my paintings to friends and contacts. Most people are incredibly supportive and complimentary, which is really special.

There has been a terrible atrocity in Paris in the past day and I said to one of my journalist colleagues today that I was sad to admit that I was not surprised.

The apocalypse has been long predicted in religion. We are witnessing too many instances of that of late. Bad things have always happened but now we know about them almost instantly. For someone who has listened, watched, read and absorbed the "news" for three+ decades I'm glad of my decision in recent years to restrict my media consumption to a bit of radio news and current affairs in the morning and the occasional catch-up via TV or social media. I'm enjoying the work subscription to one newspaper, to follow the political commentary.

My life is so different. I get home from work and paint and read and cook and don't think too much about work. This is weird, as for so long it was all-consuming, but I'm glad I have learnt from experiences in recent years that to be consumed by work is not clever.

There is much more I want to say, but won't. Other than I love my beautiful friends and thank them all for being in my life.

Please enjoy:

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