Sunday, January 25, 2015

The ex factor

Tonight a dear friend of mine is having s*x with his ex. I only know this because I asked him. He had asked me not to send him a text between tonight and Tuesday because he is staying at her house to do some work...that's when I asked the question.

He said yes, he's having ex-s*x.

Why bother getting a divorce?

He's told me how terrible the marriage was from the start, the straw that broke the camel's back and much in between. Yet he's willing to dredge up all sorts of feelings from the ex...


Lucky I'm not in love with this one...he's funny and sends me outrageous photos late at night and is quite gorgeous, but as he says, he needs to sort himself out.

I've been on that path for a few years longer.

My ex, on the other hand, drilled holes in plant pots for me today. I bought these pots a couple of months ago but didn't realise they were sans drainage holes. That's the blur I've been living in for the past two years. I do not own a drill, because I lived in a house for many years that had two. A drill hasn't been on the top of my shopping list since moving.

So today when I went to clean out my study at my old home, I took the pots and got some drainage holes drilled.

It was quite emotional looking through "stuff" and deciding what to keep and what to purge. About 80% of what had ended up in my study was purged. Lots of old work files. Who wants to remember the drama-filled days of working for four politicians in three years? No thanks.

I've kept anything to do with the children and their lives, but most of the rest of it has gone.

I have to make a couple of return visits, but I've certainly changed the energies today.

Wonder how my friend's night will change the energies in his life.

And we are both love with the idea of love...not all that practical with the details.

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