Friday, January 16, 2015


Thank Goodness I am Fabulous.

What a week. So many things have been happening lately I'm not sure where I'm up to but I have had some interesting occurrences this week.

Mr C and I went to the PM's XI v England cricket match at Manuka Oval on Wednesday and I made some new friends (like I always do). More married men. I always meet married men.

I do have one single friend who sent me the most interesting photo the other night. Haha. I love someone who has the confidence to do that.

My gorgeous friend Tania sent me a beautiful calendar from FNQ, featuring a photo of a cowboy. I am planning my trip to FNQ. Was there in 2001...a great part of Australia and I will return.

Work is supposed to be quiet, but it's not. That's OK. Lots to do, let's get on with it.

22 days until One Direction.

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