Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Life, the Universe and Everything

I'm not normally one to have heroes. I love a good crush (a la Brad Pitt) but if I had to name a hero it would be Nicolaus Copernicus. I quite love someone who changes the way the world thinks. When my son graduated from Year 10 his teacher said he was someone who had challenged the way they all thought and that he would do great things.

It was quite amazing to hear this from people I didn't really know. Boys are not so good at talking about school.

In a roundabout way I am getting to the point of today's post. I've been studying astrology for a couple of years and seek and receive great guidance from the Astrologer Mystic Medusa who writes the most interesting blog and scopes.

Some of my friends will now be rolling their eyes thinking I have completely lost it, but I don't care any more. I don't really give a fig what others think. I know what works for me, I'm happy that others know what works for them but hopefully we can still be friends.

Today I have the Sun and Moon conjunct Saturn and Mercury and Venus conjunct the Aquarius Moon, all in the house of Aqua. There is much I need to study.

Last night I couldn't sleep and ended up after about four hours' awake astral travelling. It's exciting but exhausting. It does, however, process much, quickly.

There are big changes afoot and I'm ready for them.

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