Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New 2015

I love a new year. It's like walking into a stationery shop with all those blank journals. So many possibilities to fill each page.

There are 365 days to fill this year. Today I swam in the ocean, painted a picture, swam in my holiday pool, walked my holiday dog, listened to some music, drank some beer, drank some wine (it's holidays, I started when it was 23:59 in New York).

          Hydrangeas, by me.   Sandcastle, by Anonymous.

Last night Miss B and I had a fairly quiet evening, which was exactly as it should have been after such a big year.

We watched the 9pm Sydney fireworks from 29 km away, and they were spectacular, then we listened to some music and I painted and we watched the Midnight fireworks on telly.

Then I slept. The best thing about being on holidays is that the black bags under my eyes are no longer black...

I had three resolutions last year and I achieved one and three-quarters of them. So this year, no resolutions, just a commitment to achieve some major goals, which I will share as they happen.

Thanks to all my beautiful friends for their gorgeousness these past 12 months. I have had lots of laughs, deep conversations, wine and Moet, walks, laughs, serious discussions and have even been able to offer some good advice when friends have sought it from me.

I love the rich tapestry that is my life. So glad you are all a part of it.

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